Optimized Resource Integration and Global Architecture for Mobile Infrastructure for 6G

Ethics and Data Management

The ORIGAMI project has a dedicated task to ‘Ethics and Data Management’ that will be in charge of designing project guidelines related to ethics, privacy and gender according to EU regulations, providing information on the procedures to follow for data handling (such as a Data Management Plan), and establishing monitoring mechanisms to make sure that within the ORIGAMI project, all data collecting and processing is done in accordance with national and EU laws during this iteration.
The EM will be also responsible for elaborating the ‘Data management and ethics handbook’, which will provide general guidelines related to ethics, privacy, personal protection and gender. The handbook will also present the Data Management Plan and will provide the consent forms that may be used for the involvement of human subjects, as well as the monitoring mechanisms to oversee the application of the ethical and legal requirements during the project lifetime.

The Ethical Manager (EM) will supervise these activities and will react to any ethical issues coming from the consortium members related to the design of the information and forms that might be used to include possible human subjects and potential supplementary data and/or data sets in the project, as well as those issues arising in the area of artificial intelligence development/deployment and use cases.
The EM of ORIGAMI is Dr. Gines García-Avilés, who obtained his PhD (cum laude) in Telematics Engineering at the University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain, while he was part of the wireless network research group of IMDEA Networks Institute and the telematics department at the University Carlos III of Madrid. Furthermore, he has been contributing to multiple H2020 projects in the field of 5G/B5G networks. Dr. Garcia-Avilés is currently a senior researcher within the AI-Driven Systems group at i2CAT Foundation, working in the field of Open RAN, RAN Virtualization, Network Slicing, resource orchestration, and Artificial Intelligence. Esteban Municio will be the deputy EM.

The i2CAT's Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and an external, independent Ethical Advisor (EA) will support the EM in task T1.4. More specifically, the EA will counsel the EM and the participants involved in the ORIGAMI project on matters related to ethics. Similarly, the consortium will consult the EA for ethical and legal aspects related to the development and deployment of AI, about associated data protection law aspects. Dr. Giancarlo Pastor Figueroa will be the EA for ORIGAMI. Dr. Pastor Figueroa received the PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Aalto University, in cotutelle with the Carlos III University of Madrid and the King Juan Carlos University, with mention in Innovation and Entrepreneurship by the EIT Digital. He was a Postdoctoral Researcher with Aalto University, Finland, from 2016 to 2021. He is currently an Adjunct Professor (Entrepreneurship) with IE Business School, Spain since 2018, and Senior Project Manager (Learning Systems) with Spinverse, Finland since 2021. His research focuses on clustering and imputation of high-dimensional data, and infinite random networks.